Gallery – *new*

Pale yellow wash background with italic calligraphy in green reading "there is always some madness in love, but there is also always some reason in madness"
Red and black galaxy background decorated with two gold butterflies with italic calligraphy in gold reading "Underneath the butterfly gardens, here I have buried all of my past. But the lost will come to remember. The sun willl cast its light. And the stars will fall around us, and the embers cast from our eyes. Binding us both to the end of all things, and the coming of the light."
Uncial calligraphy in blue-black ink decorated with flower top and bottom boarder in greens and purples. Quote reads "Thou art so like a flower, so fair and full of grace; yet melancholy fills my heart when I behold thy face. I feel I should lay my hands upon thy brow; pray that god might keep thee as pre and fair as now."
Yellow-Orange-Red gradient watercolour wash background with Mackintosh inspired calligraphy of the Alphabet.